Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer: Welcome, Baby Ronan!

Approximately eight years ago I came across the name "Ronan" when coming up with a list of cat names for our new kitten who we had not met yet. As some of you know, we have a blue point siamese named Grayson. When we were on the list for the new litter, we chose a male blue point or a male seal point. After going through lots of names, we settled on Grayson if we got a blue point and Ronan if we got a seal point... Ronan, in gaelic, means baby seal. I was actually incredibly disappointed when the litter produced a blue point for us. I so desperately wanted to use the name Ronan! Then came time to name our babies. Our son is the 4th, so there was no making baby name lists, we've had a name for our first son chosen for years and years. It's uncertain if there will be another baby boy to name (if you asked my husband he'd say, no way. No more babies!), so I don't know if we'll ever get the chance to use this name. ANYWAY, I totally digress!! When Kara and Ted announced the birth of their little guy (who arrived 3 weeks early like his big brother!), I was so thrilled to hear they chose the name Ronan. Obsessed!

I've had the pleasure of photographing Kara and Ted's milestones since their little guy Brady was just a bump. I can't even believe that was two years ago! (almost exactly!) And now, here we are. Another baby. It's been an absolute blast getting to know this family. When I arrive for our sessions, I feel like I'm an old friend walking in and just happen to have my camera. I adore that. What's even more awesome is that I get to see Ronan for his 6 month and 1 year sessions also. That makes my heart happy!

Congratulations Kara, Ted and big brother Brady! It was a blast hanging out with you and meeting your adorable newest little.

The very last picture is my favorite. I've already shared it on Facebook and continue to love it more and more. Being a mother, I've learned that our strength and power is very quiet, humble and unsung (some days I have a hard time with this, I'm not gonna lie. I kinda feel like I should be put on a pedestal some days... but then I swallow my pride and become humble again. Being a mom is pretty darn amazing.). Anyhow, I feel like the last image captures this so perfectly. Kara is so quiet, humble and strong in this picture. She just gave birth... drug free. How amazingly strong. By her side is her adoring husband in the sweetest way, and then sweet Ronan in his favorite spot. Nestled on his mama. It's just amazing. Love!

Lifestyle newborn sessions totally pull on my heart strings.

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