Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer: Welcome, Baby "G"!

Doing a newborn lifestyle session is nothing short of... well, a little chaotic. Add a couple siblings, and things just feel like they go every which way. As a photographer, I absolutely love to spend the morning with you, watch you be a family and document it. It's a time where parents are tired, whether it's their 1st baby or their 5th baby, and their schedule is a little off as they adjust to a new little person in the house. Hanging with this family was no different and I enjoyed every minute. The big sister is such an amazing little person. I feel like she's an older soul. She's so smart, articulate and helpful in any session. I just love being around her. And the new big brother... boy is he delicious. He's just the sweetest, happiest little boy and I adore being in his presence.

Mom and Dad were so calm and easy going throughout the entire session. Their sweet new baby boy was extra hungry (they always are when I'm there!) and wanted extra mommy snuggles, so we captured every bit of it.

I'm so thrilled for this sweet family to welcome their third baby. I can't wait to see how big baby G has gotten by October! Thank you for having me document your life!


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