Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer: Welcome, Baby A

Being around this family is being around love. They welcomed their third baby into the world, a little girl; greeted by two amazing parents and two wonderful big brothers. Nearly 2 years ago, I met this family in the same hospital to greet their second boy, and I had the pleasure of capturing their third. How awesome! The oldest (big big brother) was beyond thrilled to finally meeting his new little sister, begging to take her home immediately. The big brother was unsure. Rightfully so... he just gave up his "baby" position in the family. Quietly, he watched his new sister in the safety his dad's arms, sneaking sweet peeks and little smiles. It's without question that this little lady was born into a family of open arms and a tremendous amount of love that was just waiting to be given to her.

Watching mama, I was amazed, yet again. Her ease of moving around and loving her babies after delivery coupled with her calmness - she's such a warrior.

Congratulations to you, sweet family. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to capture these moments for you!


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