Lehigh Valley Newborn Photographer: The "H" Family

Oh this family. Every.single.time. they get me. Every time!!! Tears, always. They are just so full of pure love and adoration of one another, I almost can't even handle it. As I've mentioned in almost every blog post, I've know sweet little Devian since she was just a wee little baby. Every time I see her, I love to watch her grow into this little girl. I saw her in an entirely new way during this session. She is a big sister now.

When I arrived, Devian took me through her home with such genuine excitement, showing me her sister's new room, her accessories and diapers and where she sleeps and so on and so on. I just adored it. We moved very easily and effortlessly into taking pictures, starting with Devian on the bed with her sister. The second she held her, I lost it. She grabbed Hadley's little hands and said, "Look how small her hands are." Well, Devian, you hit the nail on the head. This little baby will only be this small for an instant and you're taking it all in. She savored every last centimeter of her little sister's tiny little hands and fingers. It was such a beautiful moment wrapped in a valuable life lesson.

We continued taking pictures of them as a family, loving each other in close moments and in moments of them simply being as they adjusted to being a family of four. Every moment filled with smiles, happy tears and love.

You four fit together with perfection. You could move mountains with the love you share.

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