Lehigh Valley Lifestyle Photographer: Happy Birthday, NeoLux!

What a whirlwind! I met Xiomara in a wonderful mommy group - Neo and Xiomara's son is the same age as my daughter, and we've been connected every since. They learned that they were expecting another little baby when their oldest was going to be 2; two March birthday babies! I was so incredibly happy hear that they were expecting and even more excited that they asked me to document not only the first year, but the the first year plus their pregnancy. Neo and Xiomara are incredible people. The exude love and strength on a constant basis. Xiomara is truly a warrior mama. No matter what kind of day she's dealing with, she does it full of love and smiles. She amazes me. And there Neo is, right by her side. They're an incredible team.

In the past year, they've been through so many things as a family and continue to grow together. I just adore their visits; whether they're coming to the Lehigh Valley or I'm heading up to NYC to capture their life. Every time, it's an honor. I don't know if it occurred to me that this first birthday session would be our last photo shoot (at least for a while, anyway!) How bittersweet!

This first birthday session was amazing because all the odds were against us. The radar had a big dooming green blob right on the edge, they were running late with their trunk packed for NeoLux and Fernando's big birthday bash, I was running late because of some spilled coffee, we were all in the chaos that comes with having two little kiddos, and then to top it off, I dropped the smash cake before NeoLux even got to smash it. I mean for real! Who does that?! Fortunately, were were able to slap some icing back on it and let Neo rip into it. One of the cutest cake smashers I've ever seen ;).

Xiomara and Neo, I can't thank you enough for your love and support over this past year +. It's been truly an honor to be able to document this incredible time in your lives. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet, NeoLux!! So much love to all of you. Check out this past year. It flew by! <3

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