Lehigh Valley Lifestyle Photographer: The "H" Family

Lifestyle photography. It truly pulls on every single one of my heart strings. Quick background about me... I chose to major in Psychology as an undergrad. Why? People have always intrigued me. Why people do what they do. Why people react the way they do to life events. And relationships. The way we interact with one another. Did you know that a Bachelor's in Psychology doesn't do so much for the wallet? So, I then got my Master's in Counseling. I chose school counseling as my concentration. Any who, fast forward, now I'm a photographer. I know, right? Even though I'm not currently practicing counseling, I continue to have a strong fascination and admiration for people. Now that I'm a mama, I have found that I have a very strong fascination with our love for our babies and our spouses. Being able to capture this through my lens... it's like two huge stars colliding bringing so much joy into my heart. That's how much I love lifestyle photography. I love telling your story.

When Jenna contacted me, she asked specifically for a lifestyle family session. Yes, yes, yes! I'm in! What really made this sessions special was that Jenna shared that she's also a school counselor (on maternity leave) and a photographer. Hello, Erin from two years ago!! Jenna and Guy clearly adore each other and are a wonderful match. Even in the short time I spend with my clients, it's something you can just feel. Together, they cherish this little living doll, Myla. Capturing their love as a family, full well knowing how fleeting the moments are, well, it's such a pleasure. It's even more special knowing that I'm able to give Jenna pictures of her with her daughter... as photographers, it's sometimes grueling to whip out the old tripod and set up for a simple picture with your kids!

Guy and Jenna, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to capture such an immensely special time in your lives. It was so wonderful meeting the three of you!

If you're even thinking about getting lifestyle pictures of your family, just do it! It captures your story and freezes time. Your kids will thank you and you'll thank yourself. If you're in need of a Lehigh Valley Lifestyle Photographer, you can contact Erin here or at erin@ejoycephotography.com.