Lehigh Valley Family Photography: Lock Ridge Park

Marian contacted me months ago to set up her twin grandchildren's six month photo shoot (even though they are seven months in their pictures). I so looked forward to photographing twins! Meeting this group was a lot of fun. So down to earth, so easy going and so photogenic. Krista and Jim are so fortunate to have her mom around to help with these two adorable babes!

Some babies aren't super smiley, cheesy babies... which I'm so okay with. What I love to capture is them. These two fell into that category. Jonah with his furrowed brows and Vera with her even keeled, inquisitive looks. I loved every minute of it. By the end of their session, they certainly weren't loving it. If you could only have seen the "behind the scenes!" It involved bottles, breaks, singing, dancing, anything! And their pictures turned out beautifully!

Thank you so much for having me capture these two gorgeous babies!! It was a blast!