Lehigh Valley Family Photographer: Kira is 6 months!

Sweet baby Kira is an October baby like my sweet John Paul, so I knew she'd be 6 months right around the time of the blue bells blooming. Hillary and I figured we were in such luck to have a beautiful spring, floral session for her gorgeous daughter...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is snow. It began snowing. The winds picked up, and it was BITTER cold. At this last family shot (look how miserable they are! And I looked the same) I put my camera down, walked up to them and said, "We can either push through this, or..." And before I could finish, Hillary said, "Can we just reschedule??" Yes, yes we can!

So, despite rain in the forecast, we got a beautifully warm April evening. The blue bells were gone and replaced by some dandelions and sunshine which was perfection. The session was laid back and just adorable. Kira and Nathaniel warm my heart with their sweet little faces.

Thank you all for such a nice session. Blake, I'm pretty sure you're going to miss me once these sessions are done. I just know it!

Happy 6 months sweet, Kira!!!


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