Lehigh Valley Family Photographer: Colin & Quinn

I have been so honored to be photographing this family's journey for two years now. Capturing Colin at 6 months, one year, two years, their second pregnancy announcement, and now capturing them as a family of four. What an amazing thing to be able to get to know a family and be with them to follow their journey. I always love visiting them. Warm, humble and happy. Sweet Colin has grown into a little boy right before my eyes. He showed me all of his tricks and toys and smiles. His little sister is truly one of the most precious 6 week old little babies I've ever laid eyes on. I loved watching this family simply be a family as I documented them. Bouncing on a yoga ball to help Quinn fall asleep, playing cars, Colin sneaking peeks at his sister over the crib, dad and Colin being boys together... I just love it all.

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your gorgeous family once again. I wish you so much love (and sleep) as you enjoy your new family of 4.


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