Lehigh Valley Family Photographer: Brady Turns 2!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this family? They are my true blue EJP peeps... they've had me document their lives since Brady was just a bump. I love that they have been on this photography journey with me since the beginning. I just LOVE watching Brady. He's strong willed, knows what he wants, has no question in his opinion, decisive, funny, caring; I just love the kid. I can't believe he's two. Today!

We decided to do his birthday session at the same location as his first birthday session... his grandparents' house! I just love their property. A big thank you to your parents, Ted! We did our best to get some nice family shots and capture what we had in mind (even if it translated a little different than what we pictured, right, Kara??). Once we thought we were done with pictures, we walked around the property and got even more. That's the part of photo shoots I love. Totally unscripted!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Brady! I love hanging with you and your boys, Kara and Ted. Can't wait to see you all in December for Ronan's 6 month sesh!

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