Lehigh Valley Children Photographer: First Birthday Session

Little Miss Amelia... Oh, where do I begin?? I knew this would be a great photo shoot. Through my e-mails with Amanda, her excitement for this shoot was so apparent. She was so organized and prepared for a super important session. Their little girl was turning one! Not only that, but Amanda and Nick were instilling a lot of trust in me as using a professional photographer for the first time. No pressure! Just kidding... they were so humble, and flexible and welcoming. What a wonderful family to work with!!

Now, let's get to Amelia. She, like many little girls I meet these days, is one that makes me excited for our future. She's strong, confident and intelligent. She can do things on her own, she knows what she wants, and she does it. I find this so gratifying and exciting. You can't teach these qualities. Her personality is going to get her so far in life, and having her parents is such an awesome bonus.

She is a true summertime baby! Born on the first day of summer and loves to be outside! She'll be celebrating her big day in two short days!

Happy Birthday gorgeous little lady!!

PS I think this session is the first that we made it through so many outfit changes. Thanks to Amanda's organization and communication, it was a breeze! AND Amelia took a three hour nap after I left. Win, win!