Lehigh Valley Baby Photographer: Athena is 6 Months Old!

Sweet baby Athena! I've been so fortunate to photograph her little sister through her 1st year and beyond. And now, it's Athena's turn. I swear, the first year with your second goes twice as fast. It's crazy! Photographing Athena, she looked so deep into my soul with those big eyes. I felt like she was ready for a full fledged conversation about politics or religion. She's so curious and alert whilst being so mild mannered and pleasant. She's such a sweet little girl.

Her big sister Varvara accompanied her throughout the session and was as entertaining as always. Between showing me her big girl room, having flying Elsa's appear in the session, jumping on the bed and just being plain old cute. I just adored sneaking some of her shots into the session.

Megan and John, your girls are just beyond adorable. What a wonderful family you've created!


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