Hannah Turns 6 Months!: The Rose Garden, Allentown, PA

This is the second little Hannah I've taken pictures of besides my own, and I'm convinced that if you're named Hannah, you're destined to be beautiful, inside and out. 

I met Kate at the Rose Garden in Allentown; a park that is gorgeous any time of year. She came along with her husband, dog and Hannah's Nona. Mission? To get some adorable shots of Hannah for her 6 month "birthday". I believe the mission was accomplished. With gorgeous sunlight, beautiful flowers and this adorable little girl, my job was quite easy. 


In between locations and poses, I always chat with new clients... one of my favorite parts of taking pictures is getting to know new people. Turns out, we have a lot of similarities. Not only did we decide that Hannah was the best name for our baby girls, but John is also a school counselor (hopefully he gets a position this coming school year!) and they also share a birthday with my husband. Yes, both Kate and John have the same birthday! How fun. 

Despite all of this fun stuff, I think the best part of this shoot was when Scotty, the dog, belly flopped into the creek before we took pictures. Ha! Wish I had my camera ready to capture that! Regardless, we got a few good ones with Hannah and him. 

Hannah, happy 6 months!