Hannah Turns 1!: At Home

After all of the first birthday shoots I've been doing, I certainly couldn't skip my own daughter, now could I??! We just did a simple shoot at home, short and sweet.

Before becoming a mother, I had no idea what I was in for. Well, I guess some of an idea. So often, you hear of other mothers talking about how much they love their children and can't imagine loving with so much of their heart. That their love grows daily and they'd do anything for them. It wasn't a foreign concept to me... my own mother has always shared her unwavering love for us. I knew it existed. But there is NO way you can be prepared for this love.

On March 22nd, I went into labor and labored easily at home for some time. After getting to the hospital, my hard labor was incredibly fast, the doctors and nurses could hardly keep up. They were prepping for our baby girl's arrival, when at 9+ centimeters, they realized she was breech. Surprise! Being wheeled in for an emergency c-section was the last thing I ever expected, but it happened. A few short (or long?!) minutes later, Hannah was born at 12:28am on March 23rd... the sound of that first cry literally took my breath away. Unbelievable. The nurses and doctor's were so anxious to hear name and were thrilled when we finally announced, "Hannah Gray."

This past year has been the most magnificent whirlwind. I've been so blessed to be able to spend this first year at home with Hannah. To watch all of her firsts. In this past year, I've been totally overwhelmed with that "mother's love". This little person is my heart living outside of my body. She's so charismatic and charming, she is so eager to learn and explore and has one of the most beautiful spirits I've ever known. (Okay, I might be a little biased). I thank God for her everyday.

Thank you ALL so much for enjoying this first year with us. So many have followed my Project 365 and blog posts to watch her grow. I learn more and more of how she's touched so many without me even realizing.

So, enjoy her pictures! A huge thank you to my dear friend, Kara, who made her "ONE" banner and long sleeved onesie. Thank you to my friend Barbara who made her adorable yellow tutu! And thank you to Looped Just 4 U Custom Crochet & Crafts for the adorable short sleeved onesie and matching birthday hat!