Fresh 48 Hospital Session: Welcome, Gavin!

On a Wednesday at lunchtime, I received a voicemail from a mama named Kristen. She was scheduled to have a c-section on May 15th to deliver her second son. On May 6th, he had different plans. Very early in the morning on May 7th, Baby Gavin was welcomed into the world. Kristen explained in her voicemail that she had a photographer set up for May 15th, but never expected to go early. Unfortunately, their photographer wasn't available to join them on the 7th to document Gavin's birth. After some research (and referrals from some pretty incredible moms), she gave me a buzz. It was a day where I had set aside time to do all of our laundry and pack our clothes for our vacation which we were leaving for the next day. I knew if I went to the hospital, I'd lose my afternoon to get things done... and I was a-okay with that!

Fresh 48 - this is a new trend in photography along with birth photography. Birth photography is photographing the actual birth. The time leading up to it, the details and the arrival of sweet baby. Fresh 48 is going to the hospital (or place of birth) and photographing baby and family within those first 48 hours after birth. I'd never had the opportunity to do it and have been dying to get into a hospital to do a Fresh 48 or Birth session.

Kristen and Scott are so laid back and so easy to be with. It was so awesome to see them taking in their new little guy and being apart of the moment their oldest son, Aiden, got to meet his baby brother.

You know, I think we all have a vision of how certain scenarios will go. Typically they go perfectly in our head. Well, Aiden wasn't completely thrilled to be meeting his brother. To be honest, I think it was a bit overwhelming to be in the hospital room, especially with a stranger clicking away on a big camera. What I loved is Kristen totally embraced this "real" moment. They didn't try to make it something that it wasn't. They let Aiden take his time to warm up to meeting Gavin (with a little help from Sesame Street on the iPhone. I won't lie, I was jamming to the songs, too!).

It was such a blast hanging out with this family for a couple hours. Watching Aiden slowly warm up and eventually give awesome, excited smiles, to watch mom and dad hold and cuddle Gavin and to see Gavin in some of his first outfits. It was such a wonderful opportunity! Thank you, Kristen and Scott, for such a wonderful experience! Many congrats to your new family!!

To display these pictures, I decided a slideshow is the way to go. Enjoy!


If you are interested in birth photography or a fresh 48 session, contact me!