First Birthday Photo Session: Varvara!

I can't remember the first photo shoot with Vari... probably because I can't remember not ever taking her pictures! Megan and John have so graciously had me document almost her entire first year and to say it's been a pleasure and an honor is hardly enough. She's one of the first babies (besides my own) who I've literally watched grow up through my lens. I can't possibly describe how special that is! This family is wonderful. John and Megan are that kind of couple who so clearly adore each other. I never have to ask them to sit closer or pose or kiss. They just do it! And mean it! It's just so awesome to watch. Then, throw their little girl into the pictures and you see love pouring out of their hearts. It's literally a love fest!

I've adored watching Varvara learn to roll over, sit up, laugh, make silly faces, crawl, stand up, get baptized and become this precious, sweet little girl who is so blessed.

This photo shoot was fun... and funny! Like most babies under one, photo shoots are pretty easy. We can "pose" them, set up backdrops, change their outfits, make one funny noise and they'll give you the best smile. Then, they turn one... and photo shoots become a workout. They don't care about their outfits and never want the props you offer (unless it's birthday cake). Sitting still? NO way. And that funny noise that would give you a big smile they no longer even respond to. Vari lived up to the one year session, but we certainly nabbed adorable pictures of her.

Megan and I first met at the blue bells to get some quick pictures before her big birthday session at their house. As always, Megan was uber prepared. I keep joking that I'll need to hire her as my prop and set coordinator! She had outfits and accessories ready, balloons, other props and even made a cake (which we thought wouldn't make it, but the cake Gods came through).

John and Megan, thank you so much for having me capture your baby girl this past year! Happy Birthday precious Varvara!