First Birthday Party Pictures: Bucks County, PA

Taking photos of a first birthday party is always a blast and nostalgic for me. It simply amazes me how fast the first year goes; it's so wonderful to watch a family admire their sweet baby. From the parents, to the grandparents, to friends and more. There's always love and smiles simply pouring out of the windows. This was very possibly the smoothest first birthday party I have photographed! Kirstin and Sean had a beautifully simple party planned with their closest loved ones. They had everything organized and were super laid back and easy going. Add this to a sweet little girl who was an absolute doll and my job is easy!

Meet Charlotte. Isn't she just gorgeous?!

Everyone has their own taste in first birthday decorations and celebration. I love all of it; Kirstin's was so classic and gorgeous. I especially loved the rolling pictures showcasing Charlotte's first year. Check out the rest of the beautiful details.

Mingling party animals!

It was a stunning January day. Crisp but with a bright sun and warm colors. It was borderline too cold to take pictures, but we decided to get them done and I'm SO glad we did. Kirstin was phenomenal at being my assistant in getting people up and ready for their pictures. We whipped through them so quickly it was like a portrait marathon, and it was perfect.

I don't know how I manage to always get such stunning families in front of my camera. Clearly they belong in a magazine.

This series of pictures with Kirstin's girlfriends are my favorite.

Charlotte has one goofy Godmother. One day, she'll really appreciate it.

This little lady was more than ready for her cake. She was uncertain at first, but the second she tasted that sugar, it was over. She couldn't even bare the thought of sharing it with her parents! Once the cake was taken away, she literally licked her fingers clean. What a funny cake smash. She did great!

Some post cake fun.

Happy, happy first birthday, Miss Charlotte! Kirstin and Sean, you made one gorgeous baby. Congratulations on getting through the first year. It just keeps getting better!!

If you or someone you know will be celebrating their little one's first birthday, be sure to contact me to document their amazing milestone!