Ethan: At the Grandparents' Farm

Tracy and her son Ethan came into town for the holiday. (She's Dustin's cousin, so that makes Ethan and Hannah second cousins.) They live in California... I can't imagine coming into this arctic air after 65 degree weather! She asked if I could take some pictures of Ethan at her parents' home. It's the perfect Pennsylvania backdrop... a farm! The difficult part is that it was absolutely frigid during our pictures. We got what we could (and good ones!), but had to cut it short because Ethan was done, and so were the rest of us! So, I took the camera inside, threw on the flash and simply followed Ethan around as he and Hannah got acquainted. Soooo cute!

He kept shivering while sitting on this bench... ohmygosh was he adorable sitting there!

We grabbed a few family pictures in front of their beautiful farm house.

I love how Ethan is looking at his Grandpop.

As Tracy handed Ethan to her brother, she stated "They smell fear." He started crying as soon as John held him. I guess she's right! Haha.

If your grandparents own a farm, you need pictures on a John Deere!

Ethan and this "$5" bear are c.u.t.e.! I put $5 in quotes because it was only $5 at Toys R Us if you spent over $100. Grandma must really love him!!

Ethan and Hannah were so cute with their parallel play and interacting. Love it.

Thanks for asking me to take pictures of your sweet little boy, Tracy!!