Doylestown Newborn Photographer: Welcome, Elle!

Though Layne and I had crossed paths many times through our young school years, we didn't really become friends until the end of High School. It was the beginning of a long and loyal friendship. Having a friend with longevity is always so special; being able to see each other grow and experience so many different life changes is amazing. By the way, Layne's younger sister is Lauren, my gorgeous NYC bride! When Layne told me that she and Ryan were expecting baby #2, I was thrilled. Especially because after having their gorgeous daughter, Avery, Layne proclaimed she was enough. She was so sure of it, that they got rid of all of their baby things. Low and behold, I now introduce Avery's little sister Elle. I am SO thrilled for them and their beautiful family of four.

About halfway through her pregnancy, Layne asked if I'd be willing to pencil a day in July to do newborn pictures. I didn't have to think twice! Well, on June 20th, I got a text in the morning that read "in labor going in now". Ohhhh Em Gee!

Miss Elle Madison arrived very quickly and safely by 1pm. I was thrilled. Meet five day old Elle. What a gorgeous girl!

Doylestown Newborn Photographer

One of the best part of a newborn session is the Lifestyle Photography part. The family is always so taken with their new addition, that I have to do nothing but put them in decent light and snap away. The raw emotions and joy pour out of them. <3

Avery, Elle's big sister, is amazing with her. I was amazed at how gentle, caring and protective she was. So beautiful. (P.S. How many times can I use the word beautiful in one post?!)

Ryan, Layne, Avery and Elle, thank you SO much for allowing me the pleasure of documenting your BEAUTIFUL family. I love all of you dearly and couldn't be happier for you.