Devian is 6 months old!: A photo shoot at home

When Hannah was about four weeks old, she and I went to our first Monday Morning Moms meeting. I had no idea I was about to meet some of the most amazing women I could ever have in my life, and babies that Hannah will have as friends through her childhood. It's such a blessing. At that first meeting, we met Devian and her gorgeous Mama, Alison. 

Way back then, Dev was only 10 weeks old. Today, she's 6 months. I absolutely can't believe it. For her 6 month "half" birthday, I took some more pictures of her along with a few pictures with her adoring parents (and Grandma, too!). A couple of the family shots brought tears to my eyes ... I'm starting to think I'm a huge baby?! OR it's because this family is just beautiful. They're beautiful on the outside, that goes without saying, but they're beautiful through and through.



Devian, keep growing into the gorgeous baby girl you are! Alison and JP... you hit the jackpot!