Bucks County Newborn Photographer: Welcome, Baby Ryan!

You may remember Pam and Pat from their adorable maternity session this past summer. The two are so in love and just welcomed the most precious, most beautiful little boy into the world. I was thrilled to meet him (exactly one year from their wedding date!). Pat's parents were in from Hong Kong to meet their first grand baby. When I arrived, Grandpa was standing quietly in the dining room by the window just adoring his grandson. I literally just plopped my stuff down and started shooting Grandpa right where he was. It was perfection (okay, maybe I stopped and said hi and chatted for a minute first ;)).

The whole house was literally bursting with love. This little baby boy is so adored and loved. It was the perfect newborn lifestyle session. Perfect. It's what I love about newborn sessions. The love is just there. No posing. All I say is "go stand over there" and it's the perfect picture.

Pam and Pat were some of the calmest new parents I've ever seen! I think some of my favorite pictures are of them on their bed. Ryan was unsettled (likely hungry!) and they just held him and talked to him and tried a couple things to sooth him... in the most even keeled, sweetest way. It was so real and genuine. Love.

Pat and Pam adore each other. You can see in how they look into each other's eyes. They have seamlessly become a family of three and instead of sharing the love they have for each other, it just grew. Their hearts are exploding and it was magical to photograph.

Congratulations, Pam and Pat! Your little guy is simply amazing and so are the two of you. I can't wait for next September!!

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