Bucks County Children Photographer: Happy Birthday, Cora!

My cousin Amy and her husband Todd were in town for a visit from California and along for the ride was their little Cora. Oh my heavens I could eat her. Those big, beautiful eyes. I honestly wanted to just squeeze her until she popped. Is that bad?? Amy reached out to me to let me know they'd be in town and wanted to know if I was free to snap some pictures of her for her upcoming 1st birthday. Um, yes please!!! Any excuse to see them and get an adorable family member in front of my lens <3.

They met me half way at Peace Valley Park which also just so happens to be one of my favorite locations. It was a hot, muggy July evening. Just standing there, we were sweating. We hung out in one location - my uncle (Amy's dad), my daughter, my mom and of course Amy, Todd and Cora. We laughed at the massive red balloons and Cora's refusal to smile (hey, I caught a couple!) and we laughed off the everlasting sweat pouring off of all of our bodies. We giggled and laughed through our session then slowly made our way back to the cars. I'm notoriously laid back in sessions, but I was uber laid back here. I'm sure Amy and Todd were missing a little bit of my direction as I just slowly did my thing ;) Hopefully you guys trusted me enough to just do my thing!

Thanks for an awesome, quick visit. I'm so glad I got to meet  little CC and that Hannah got to meet her, too. It makes my heart happy! I can't wait to see you all again!



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