Bucks County Baby Photographer: Charlotte Turns 1!

Little Miss Charlotte's 1st birthday photo session was beyond successful in otherwise unsuccessful variables! Though it was a gorgeous day, the wind gusts were more than most adults could take! So, naturally, I fully expected a 1 year old to have a complete meltdown being in the chilly winds. Boy was I wrong! I have had a lot (a lot!) of hams in front of my camera, but Charlotte takes the cake. For nearly a full hour, in the cold wind, this little lady smiled, laughed, giggled and posed the entire.time. I seriously couldn't get enough of her! Lauren and Josh's interactions with her were some of the best. They're so, so in love with their little girl, and how couldn't they be?? She is such a doll! We moved all around Heckler Plains Farmstead to make the most of all the gorgeous backdrops from fields, to stone, to wood, to fences! The low evening light was just perfect and lit Charlotte up like a little angel. I was in a photographer's heaven! Lauren also came fully prepared with super fun props like her little chair, adorable tutu, banner and balloons (which lasted all of 5 minutes before getting popped by the wind!).

This photo shoot was nothing less than successful! Lauren and Josh, congratulations on making it through the first year. It's clear you made it through with flying colors and smiles on your faces. Just wait for this second year... it's even better! And I can tell your little bug is going to give you so many more smiles and fill your hearts with even more love. You'll just explode!

If you are looking for a Bucks County Baby Photographer to photograph your baby's first birthday milestone, contact Erin here or at erin@ejoycephotography.com