Berks County Newborn Photographer: Welcome, Baby Alivia!

This family is another true blue EJP family. I adore them. Being around them is so humbling and comfortable. You're in the presence of genuine love and adoration. I met them when they're sweet Amelia was just turning a year old, and now here we are. Amelia is coming up on 3 years old and is now a big sister to a beautiful little sister. I was honored to be the one to share with them that they'd be having a little girl when I photographed their gender reveal. And now I'm even more honored to have the opportunity to photograph them for another full year to document beautiful Alivia's first year. Photography has brought me into the lives of so many phenomenal people, and Amanda and Nick are at the top of that list. It was so fun being greeted at the door by Miss Amelia. She introduced me to her sister, showed me her toys, chatted with me as Alivia ate breakfast and then she showed me the ropes in the kitchen as she and her daddy made breakfast.

It's truly remarkable to be able to walk into a home and document an every day kinda morning for a family. This morning, as a fresh family of four, is like so many others. Relaxing, making breakfast, changing diapers, cuddling in bed. It's as if the monotony in our every day isn't significant. And then all of a sudden, years have passed leaving you only to realize you long for those simple moments because of how fulfilling and special they are.

I told this family mid session, "You'll need a book for this one." It's truly a story that we captured and I adore it.

Amanda and Nick, you blow my breath away with the love you share together and the love you give to your girls. You're remarkable parents and I'm so thankful to be the one to document these special times. Lots of love! See you in 6 months!


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