Audrey Turns 1!: A Mini Session at the Lehigh Parkway

Janelle was one of the first mommies I met when Hannah was barely 5 weeks old. If I do the math correctly, that means Audrey was about 6-7 months at that time. I loved watching their bond... all mommies have a bond with their babies, don't get me wrong, but Janelle and Audrey have a unique one and it is so sweet to watch. When Janelle asked me if I was available to take Audrey's one year pictures, I couldn't believe it. One? Already?? Ohmygosh.

We met to do a mini session and we were racing against the clock, so to speak. The sun was dropping, and it was dropping fast, but it stayed up just long enough to get some great shots.

Janelle and Dan are SO cute with Audrey. They're sooo in love as a family. Just look.


Aren't they just a gorgeous, happy family? I love what the camera captured!

Of course we needed to get some of just Audrey, too!


Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!