Bucks County Backyard Wedding | Rebecca + Daniel {married!}

When I arrived to the family home for Rebecca and Daniel’s Bucks County Backyard Wedding, I saw so many different people working. I approached a woman asking if she was the florist, “No, I’m just a neighbor.” She among several other neighbors and family were working in the crazy heat and humidity to put this incredible wedding together.

I had visited the backyard a couple weeks prior, kids in tow, and Rebecca’s mom walked me around explaining what will be where. The backyard is beautiful; Rebecca’s parents have done such a wonderful job with their landscaping and as the yard sat alone, with no frills or twinkly lights, it was breathtaking. Her mom describe the hand built alter by Rebecca’s uncle and I couldn’t quite picture it but trusted it’d be cool.

As I stood and watched everyone working, I saw Rebecca and Daniel’s vision coming to life right before my eyes and it was more beautiful than I could have even imagined.

Right as the ceremony was supposed to start, the storm clouds came in. We all impatiently watched the doppler as our phones tried to load the maps with the little service we had. It didn’t look good. There were tents everywhere covering the beautiful landscape and it broke my heart. They deserved the wedding the had dreamed of. I looked at Rebecca as she sat in her room waiting and said, “If you can hang on and just wait for this storm to pass, I KNOW that it will be a magnificent evening with the sun shining as soon as it moves through, we just have to wait.” And sure enough, a couple hours later, that’s exactly what happened. It took convincing to remove the tents, but it was worth the fear of any lingering raindrop.

This day was just perfect. Their love is what dreams are made of and what we all hope to find. Capturing this day for them was so humbling and rewarding for me.

Congratulations Rebecca + Daniel!

The Amazing Vendors

Flowers | Gather Flowershop
Cake | Dolce Patisserie
Dress | The Sample Rack
Wedding Earrings | Anna Johnson Jewelry
Hair | Vogue Hair Studio
Makeup | Anna Skye
Invitations | Patrick Masterson Letterpress
Bartender/servers | Celebrate with a Twist
Food | Blooming Glen Catering
Tent/chair rentals | Bucks-Mont Party Rentals
And countless friends and family!