Bucks County Wedding Photographer | Sarah + Brandon {engaged!}

When I first chat with perspective couples, while wedding talk is necessary and I love it, what I love more is getting to know them personally... what they do, where they grew up, where they went to school, etc. When they let me know that they've chosen me to be their wedding photographer, I'm always honored and humbled. 

And then on the night of the engagement session, it's a blind date. Nerve racking for all of us I'm sure, but always for the couple. These are pictures that will be with them for the rest of their lives. They have to learn how I shoot and I have to learn them and how they interact. 

Sarah and Brandon were absolute naturals. I prepped them on how the session would go and what would make it successful and they went with it. They were simply themselves. I think sometimes the fear, though, with interacting and being yourself through the entire session is, "But how will she get anything out of that?!" and that's when I know I did my job. I never want it to feel like work. From the looks of it... I'm pretty sure we got something out of this session. I can't wait for their wedding day. Congratulations to you both! 

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