Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | The "S" Family

It was a beautiful spring evening but bitter cold and windy. Oh, and it was witching hour. Behind the scenes, anyone could have watched and figured "Well, that photo shoot will need to be rescheduled." These elements becomes a little stressful, but know that your love and connection will always shine through as a family and I am there to capture it. 

Caren's dad passed away almost exactly 6 months to the day of this session. Throughout our entire session, a rainbow flare was visible through my viewfinder. I was getting so frustrated and a little concerned because I couldn't seem to find any angle to get rid of this flare. I used my hand, my hood, moved them and myself in different directions and it still kept showing up. A flare should never be this hard to get rid of so I was even more confused. After our session, I mentioned it to Caren and in her sneaks so this beautiful, subtle rainbow on so many of the images. She says, "That's my dad." And I got goosebumps. I hadn't realized we had already come up on the 6 month mark. 

The next evening I had a photoshoot at the same time of night. Guess what? Zero rainbows in that session. 

Happy 2 years to these two beautiful boys. You are so loved, especially by that angel grandfather you have. Love you guys!! 

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