An Ordinary Day | Lehigh Valley Documentary Family Photographer

Recently, in a group I'm apart of, someone shared a link to this video. It is author, Katrina Kenison reading about her book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day. She talks about all of the little things from her son's childhood. And how quickly they've grown and how she is now left with photo books upon photo books of birthdays, plays, holidays, and baseball games, but that what she misses the most are the ordinary moments. That when we're in the day to day with these little children, we take it for granted; nearly assuming that we will be in "this life" forever. Only finding out too soon how short the years were and that the life we knew, the little kids we knew, are grown and gone. 

As I listened to this, with tears streaming down my face, I couldn't think of anything else but "Yes!". THIS is what I do what I do. It's why I'm so adamant about photographing in your homes. I want to capture the toys your children love right now, the silly little faces they make when they're concentrating and how small they are sitting next to you. 

And then I thought, I want to remember an ordinary day. A day when we're all home together with no big plans. I wanted to remember how we spend our slow mornings, how we find a way to fill the space in the middle of the day, how the kids try and dress themselves, how they play with big imaginations and honestly? I want to remember the stuff. They leave stuff everywhere. Little toys, socks, shoes, dolls, cars... they are scattered all over the house despite my best efforts in trying to keep the house tidy. But I know I'll miss it. I know I'll crave finding the evidence of their little busyness when they are teenagers and rather spend all of their time away from home. 

So, I picked up my camera and captured an ordinary day. With no strive to create the most amazing images with every click, but simply to capture our day. The mundane moments that fill a day as another one passes. A type of day I will miss so greatly. I'm so incredibly thankful I'm able to capture this so when they are grown and gone, I can look back and truly remember and feel these moments... 

How we relax on the couch in the morning and drink our coffee and catch up on the outside world. This is today's newspaper :P  How the kids do the same with their devices, but mostly H because JP would rather drive his cars around. How I journal with my coffee every single morning while the cat sits perched up on the half wall and the dogs play. How JP picks out shorts and a t-shirt to wear no matter what time of year it is. And how H always dresses herself, brushes her teach and "washes" her face. How she shows up completely accessorized and JP throws his first (of many) tantrums of the day. How they play together and come up with the most imaginative games. The way D makes breakfast for me because he knows if I don't make it for myself I'll skip eating. How Ronan is always watching. Our love of lattes made at home, the sound of the steaming. How JP is constantly carrying around his beloved "pull bunny" and the other toy of choice. This week is the monkey daddy gave him before he left for PR. How D peaks through the sliding glass door to ask me something and his sweet eyes make my heart skip a beat. How the kids chat together under their play set. How Dustin will find a way to solve any problem he faces. Their dirty clothes and little games. The dogs feeling desperately sad to be stuck inside while we do yard work with the gate open. The way Hannah's pulls a seat up while we declutter the basement. Not necessarily to watch, but to supervise and shout out orders of what to keep and what to throw. How she has always had an intense love and fascination for religious statues. How much we love Costco's gluten free frozen pizza. The way I leave my glasses laying around anywhere and everywhere and then spend several times a day walking around looking for them. The way the evening light beats through the back kitchen window making anything look beautiful. Sneaking in quick hair cuts and baths. How H and I sit in the upstairs hall to dry her hair and how she has always hated when I stick the camera in her face. And their love for night time stories. 

These are the days I'll so desperately miss, but I know I'll remember forever because of these pictures. Let me document your ordinary day. Schedule your session here