In Home Family Session | The F Family

It’s that time of year where I’m shifting from closing out the wedding session and moving into the in home family sessions. In home family session fill my cup in a way I can’t even describe. This is why.

Think about your childhood. Right now. A visual came up, right? You pictured your mom, or your dad, or your bedroom or living room or play area, or an outfit you wore or toys you played with. Right? And then time passes, you grow, and all of these material things go away. They stay in your mind, you hold onto them for a bit and sometimes they fade away with time.

It’s all of these little moments and things that I want to capture for you. How small she was sitting at the table eating her oatmeal. How she fit so perfectly on your hip. How he sat on the floor with his morning coffee and your beloved fur baby. How you were all small enough to cuddle together on the bed into one frame of a picture. How she played with her dimpled hands, how she sucked her little thumb or how she rubbed her eyes. How your nose wrinkled (and still does) every time you look at him. All of the Christmas decorations that adorn your temporary home that you will move from in 2 short years but will forever hold a piece of your heart.

This is why I do in home session. Yes, it’s vulnerable allowing someone into your home, but it’s so comfortable and so worth it. This moment in time is captured for a lifetime for this family and I’m completely honored to be the person to do it.

This is a perfect time of year to do your in home family session. When you’re inside, cozy and enjoying your home. Contact me now to talk about what your in home session would look like. I can’t wait to hear from you.