Savidge Farms Wedding | Andrea + Sean {married!}

I remember the day Andrea came to me to tell me she was engaged and she and Sean were planning a Savidge Farms Wedding in the fall. She had this crazy glow of excitement to be able to marry her very best friend surrounded by all of their closest loved ones. She asked about wedding photography and after viewing my collections she was devastated to share I was simply out of her budget.

Hearing this isn’t new to me. I get it. I know that wedding photography prices can be a bit of a sticker shock (and explaining all that goes into wedding photography from the back end and how to make a profitable business is a rabbit hole for another day!). Of course when I hear this from a bride, my wind comes out of my sails a bit because I know that sometimes the price tag is the only thing separating me and a beautiful client/life long friend from having a remarkable working experience and relationship and them getting the wedding pictures of their dreams.

A number of times I’ve had someone come to me and say, “I referred them to you and pushed them so hard! But they decided to go with _______ (fill in the blank but it’s usually “a friend” or “someone who was cheaper.”) and they just go their pictures back and they’re devastated. Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone, but there are countless stories of people out there who are choosing to spend their wedding budget on other things which is okay. It’s hard for me, though, to know there is a strong likelihood they’ll be faced with a sinking feeling of regret when they’re pictures are returned.

Your wedding pictures are your first family heirloom. They’re the documentation of the biggest day in your lives. A day FULL of the biggest spectrum of emotions and relationships. They’ll hang in your house forever and sit on your coffee table forever, soon to receive the finger prints of your baby’s little fingers as they admire the day their mommy and daddy got married. You’ll look at that picture of you and your grandfather in an emotional embrace and thank every star in the sky for that picture after he passes away. These pictures are priceless and because of that, they SHOULD be an investment. You should be investing in someone who holds your preferred taste in the final product, who photographs poses and the day in a way that you could only dream. And even more importantly you should hire someone who is going to be someone you never want to lose touch with. It’s the person who will make your schedule, who will bustle your dress and wipe your tears and be with you the ENTIRE day. You can’t put a price tag on this.

…. okay, so I just started to go down the rabbit hole. Anyway, fast forward several weeks after Andrea reached her bummer decision that I was out of her price range (and a decision I totally respect by the way!), I heard from her again. She said that so many people told her to never skimp on wedding photography and that she’d never regret investing in one she wanted even if it wasn’t easy.

And so, we set up a payment plan and made it happen.

Having a client like this is a million percent my ideal client. It’s the client who sees the value in photography and sees the value in me and finds a way to make it happen. These two people (and every single person in that tent) was filled with and lead with love. The kindness that comes from them is nearly overwhelming in the most beautiful way.

Andrea and Sean, photographing your love story has been one of the highlights of my career. You fill my bucket. From photographing your sweet love on your engagement session exactly one year before your wedding day to photographing you in your sweetest moment through hay, mud and chilly November air, it has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for investing in yourselves and trusting me to tell your story. I wish you both many, many years of happiness.

And to the incredible vendors that made their day happen!

Venue | @savidgefarms 
Hair and Make Up | @carleeandcompany 
Flowers |@danshantzgreenhouse 
Dress | @bridalsbysandra .
Catering | @thestickypig 

And a huge thank you to my second shooter, Alyssa, for banging out an awesome last full coverage wedding of the season with me! xo

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