Tyler State Park Engagement | Bucks County Wedding Photographer

Jill and Ryan's Tyler State Park engagement session was simply perfect. We were both a little nervous about how cold it was supposed to be (which, as I'm typing this, we are barely in the teens, so this day was actually quite warm. Ha!) and don't you know it turned out to simply be perfect. Their location choice was a winter perfect Pinterest worthy spot. 

We followed the snow, the trees, the birds, the high grass, the fences and then we were blessed with the most amazing golden light. I completely didn't expect to have this warmth and shine in this winter session and was just giddy when this sunshine shone down on us. It was an amazing moment for our session and my day. Sometimes, the Universe just give you what you need, you know?

Jill and I chatted on the phone for our consultation because of our proximity and time. Within minutes of hanging up, she and Ryan were ready to book and I smiled ear to ear. You sometimes just know when you click perfectly with people and these are those people. Getting to know them through their session was just better and better. They are the sweetest couple who are so anxiously awaiting their wedding day after waiting for 8 years! 

Jill and Ryan, I can't wait for your amazing fall wedding day. It's going to be absolutely perfect. Keep being you. Keep being beautiful. Keep radiating your light from the inside out. You're both a ray of sunshine. 

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