Finding a Christmas Tree | Lehigh Valley Family Documentary Photography

Documenting this family finding a Christmas tree has to be one of my most favorite sessions this year (okay, all sessions are my favorites and this was a super fun way to tie up family sessions for another fabulous year.). 

This sweet mama is a friend of mine and a fellow photog. It's hard being in front of the camera when you're so used to being behind it and I'm beyond grateful this exact session worked out exactly as it did because magic happened. 

Documentary photography is so special to me, and hopefully just as special to my clients. You see, I literally stage nothing. I think even this sweet photog friend of mine was a little surprised. I don't ask you to sit in a certain place. I don't ask you to "do that again." I don't request certain outfits, I don't ask you to walk slower or laugh more. I literally become a fly on the wall (or a part of the day with you and happen to have a camera in my hand) and I capture your story exactly as it is and exactly how it unfolds. There's a beauty in the imperfection. The imperfections that compile to create our perfect daily life and the technical imperfections that undoubtedly happen which always end up being my favorite images. 

Documentary photography tells a beautiful story. Hopefully a story you can read in these images without any words. The story of waking up and eating breakfast, playing with toys, trying to get out of the door, the fleeting moments that last only a second and show the immense love this family has for one another through quick kisses, hugs and hand holding. The journey of finding the perfect Christmas tree and working as a team to find it. The 2 yr old tantrums, the magic in the 5 year old's eyes, the beauty of the season. 

You guys, we all need our posed family portraits. Seriously, we do. I do, too. This kind of session, though? Do yourself and favor and hire a photographer to do at least ONE of these sessions before your kids go off to college. It's priceless to be able to freeze frame your real life. These sessions are amazing all year long and can take place inside or outside!

Thank you, sweet friends, for choosing me and trusting me to tell your beautiful happily ever after in all of its perfect glory. 

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