Pakistani Wedding | Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

This gorgeous Pakistani wedding was the perfect way to close my 2017 wedding season. Attending one of the weddings is being around great loyalty, beauty, spirituality, and did I say beauty? I can't even count how many times I said, "Everyone and everything is just so beautiful!". 

This family united to celebrate Fatimah and Ali as they joined in marriage. I adore listening to the words during the ceremony. There is a strong emphasis on the spirituality of marriage; how is more than a physical or emotional commitment. This piece is always something that truly captivates me and grounds me. I really appreciate this culture and their religion. 

Watching the celebration from beginning to end is remarkable. I think my favorite part is the very end when they follow the tradition of giving the bride away for the final time to her bridegroom. Walking them out together as a couple, lead by their fathers, given final kisses and well wishes and sent off in the car. The tradition is full of tears and lots of love. 

Congratulations to this gorgeous couple!

A huge kudos to Chic Events and Beauty by Nas for their art, making all of yesterday so outstandingly gorgeous! 

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