I have a weird obsession with mustard.

I like every single kind there is. Hot, spicy, sweet, dijon, yellow. It’s all so delicious. My family and I RV camp and base many of our trips around different craft breweries. Our favorite place to visit is Seneca Lake, NY. I embarrassingly love really bad TV. You know... Housewives, Teen Mom and the like, but I adore This is Us. And I love a really good, shake your soul kinda book. I like Starbucks because they just know how to brew a really strong ass cup of coffee. I love essential oils. I love meditating. I love when people feel comfortable enough around me to drop the F bomb because sometimes we just gotta say it. I hang onto some of my Philly accent but love midwestern and Upstate NY accents so much I think I’m converting. In my former career, I was an elementary school counselor. I believe everyone does the best they can, always, even if their best looks different than it did yesterday. I never think there are coincidences but fate. Synchronicities are my favorite thing in life and I think they’re pure magic. If I’m drinking wine you’ll find me with a dry red. But I also sometimes really just want a good cup of hot tea.


I live life through my lens.

Documenting my life will be my legacy. It means everything to me to capture my children and family for who they really are. Having the opportunity to chronicle and document a couples’ first chapter together is an amazingly surreal opportunity for me. And then, when they call me back to document their baby bump, their newborn, their second baby bump, their family... it’s wild. I live for it. It’s such a blessing. I hope to meet you so we can get to know each other more.

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